Our Services

Get Blue Sky provides a number of real estate services. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Consultation and Sales Management

The journey to your home starts with a meeting! Once you schedule a meeting with one of our real estate managers, we can get started with building your client profile. We have a thorough and standardized checklist to get to know you. We use this to effectively and efficiently pair you with the listings we presently have.  If your needs are particularly specialized, we use your client profile to locate property holdings that match your needs.

Once we find a match, we have another consultation session to provide you a detailed report of our findings. From there, we can move on to actual site visits. Don’t think that’s the end! Once you’ve committed to buying a particular property, our agents will help sort out the paper work. Our legal team will make sure everything is order and all you’ll need to do is show up, sign, finish the transaction, and move in.

Asset Management

If you are selling rather than buying, we oversee everything your property may need to get sold. We send in our property assessment team in order to ascertain the true value of your estate. We can provide you with an expert on-site sales team to man your property for any walk-in parties. This team will also oversee any customer follow-ups for your property.

We’ll also handle the marketing of your property and make sure it gets suitable coverage. This includes online ads through various specialized websites.

Home Warranty Provider

Buying a home is a pretty big decision. One thing that most homeowners forget is to get a home warranty plan for their newly acquired property. A home warranty plan will safeguard you from any sudden large expenses that can come from a repair or replacement. We have partnered with home-warranty-companies.com to stay on top the latest news, reviews, and trends in the home warranty industry. You can research everything you need to know about finding the perfect home warranty by visiting their website.

You no longer need to worry about finding service providers to help you out. We’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve accrued quite the trusted band of service providers to help us serve our clients even after they’ve bought their property.