The following information and data products are in standard data formats obtainable via FTP and Web Services (login required):
KML Data for Google Earth
Active fire locations and information, Gateway smoke predictions, and meteorological data layers are available for download in KML format. Download the most recent data available or archived data for select dates.

Daily exports of data from the SMARTFIRE fire activity system in CSV format can be downloaded here. For an alternate source of the same data, use the SMARTFIRE Web Service.

Gateway Predictions
Daily predictions for North America (derived from SMARTFIRE data, the CMAQ air quality model at a 36-km grid, and other emissions and meteorological models as they are processed in the BlueSky Gateway Configuration of the BlueSky Framework).

The BlueSky Framework
This binary distribution of the newly re-engineered BlueSky Framework comes "out of the box" ready to use with many third-party air quality, emissions, and meteorological models, such as CONSUME, FEPS, and CALPUFF, and is compatible with SMOKE.