About Us

Hey there!

I’m Robin McGrath from New York. We, at Get Blue Sky, are the top real estate sale company in the City of New York! We aim to provide our clients with an ideal selection of properties that suit their particular needs.

When you book a consultation with one our agents, we prioritize getting to know you. We do a thorough checklist of your specifications, budget, ideal property type, and location. From there, we dispatch our team of experts to identify qualified listings. We thoroughly review and analyze properties, making sure they suit your needs.

From then, we schedule a meeting with you and provide a detailed report of our findings. If there are any that catch your eye, we schedule a viewing of the property. If you wish to push through with a purchase, we provide financial evaluation and planning. We also par our clients with ideal home warranties so they get the most out of their purchase.

Our company is made of fully licensed experts in the field of real estate that you would ever need. We believe in providing high quality service and working together. If you’re in the market for a future home, come and give us a call and let’s find you your ideal property today!